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cockroach pest controlThe bug battle has been fought for hundreds of years.  Unfortunately, in the past some pest control efforts have resulted in the big guns being brought out giving the expression ‘shooting a flea with a canon’ plenty of credence.


Thankfully, today’s chemical technology has come a long way now placing the emphasis on effectiveness and safety, both for the environment and your family. Rats spread disease

As pest controllers, Man VS Pests uses environment friendly products. Many of these use ‘synthetic pyrethroid’, which has been modeled on natural plant extracts.

termites destroy timbertermites destroy homestermites destroy businesses

They are very effective for household pest species and importantly have a very low toxicity to mammals including humans. They are biodegradable and don’t contribute to pollution or accumulate in the soil or water. Spiders and pests

SilverfishUnlike pesticides of old, today’s insecticides have little or no smell and little potential for staining materials found in the home. They are widely used in hospitals, restaurants and food processing factories and best of all….there is no need for emptying out the cupboards before a treatment.

We treat all general pests including cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, rats, carpet beetles and silverfish.

Combine your annual general pest control treatment with your annual termite inspection to obtain a discount.

Dust mite

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