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cockroachSigns You Need to Call a Specialist for Sunshine Coast Pest Control

There may be some obvious signs in your home that you need to call a Sunshine Coast pest control company; if you have far too many bugs during the warm summer months or notice an obvious infestation in any area of the home, it’s time for a specialist. Other times however the signs of pests and bugs in your house may not be so obvious.

In Australia termites can be very common and it’s good to know the signs of these nasty creatures in your home before they do damage to the walls and building materials. Mice can also be very sneaky and go unnoticed, but they bring with them germs and disease wherever they go.

Consider the following signs you need to call a specialist for Sunshine Coast pest control in your home.


Signs of Termites and Other Pests

One thing to remember about pests in your home is that they always leave parts of them behind! You may notice termite wings in areas of your home or their droppings, which look like tiny ant mounds. These droppings are usually found near tree stumps and other areas where termites feed. Mice will also leave droppings, usually somewhere around the kitchen where they sneak in for crumbs to feed.

Larvae is another sign of pests and this often looks white and soft. You may find insect larvae in just about any place of your home but if you notice it, it’s time to call a specialist!

Damage to your home is also a sign of pest infestation. If you notice small areas of wood that seem eaten away, this could be termites. Mice sometimes eat drywall and soft building materials so if you notice tiny holes in the wall, this could be a sign that your home is infested.


Dealing With Pest Infestation

The first thing an exterminator will do is inspect your home for telltale signs of any infestation. This may include inspecting suspected mounds and checking larvae or droppings. The exterminator needs to determine the type of pest you have before formulating a plan to address it.

Today a Sunshine Coast pest control can address your infestation with treatments that are odourless, environmentally friendly, and safe for humans. Don’t hesitate to call such a professional if you notice any of the signs listed above, to protect your home and your family.

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