Termite control Beerwah Landsborough Mooloolah

Mooloolah house no termitesIf you live in the Beerwah, Landsborough or Mooloolah Valley Sunshine Coast region of Australia you are already well aware that regular termite inspections are a good idea. Termites may be small in stature, but they can deliver a whopping amount of damage if not taken care of. They can quickly chew their way through the framework of your property, and there have been instances where people have had to pay thousands of dollars to repair the damage that these little critters can do. Calling in the termite control professionals is the best way to prevent a termite outbreak, but we are sure you still have some questions about the process, the most common of which we will answer here.

One question that homeowners often ask in is regards to what they need to do when preparing for a termite inspection. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that the termite control professional can gain easy access to the areas that may be affected by termites. This means keeping the skirting board and framed areas free from obstacles, and also making sure that you have moved heavy patio furniture pieces so that a visual inspection can be done quickly and effectively.

There may be situations where sprays and pesticides need to be used by the pros, which means that you may need to take some steps on the inside of your property prior to that work being done. Food does not need to be removed, but it should be covered. This includes the food and water bowls of your pets. The animals should probably be kept outside or at a friend’s home while the work is being done. Leaving the windows of your home open after the treatment will allow the area to ventilate ore quickly, so be sure to let the fresh air in after the fact.

The main reason that people make a call to the professionals is because they have discovered signs of termite activity. These people will often ask what they should do when they make this discovery, with the simple answer being nothing. It is best not to disturb the termites once you discover them, as this can cause them to retreat back to their nests. Take note of where the pests were active, and let the termite control folks know that this might be a good place for them to start their inspection.

Termites are not the only pest problem in the Sunshine Coast region, as it is home to all kinds of pests, not all of which are friendly. If you come across a bug that you cannot identify, take a picture, assuming that it is safe to do so, or write down an accurate description of the pest that you witnessed. This will help the pros identify what it is that is making their home in your property, which will allow them to come prepared to deal with said pest. We hope this has answered some of the questions that you may have had.

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