Termite Control on The Sunshine Coast

The hot weather season in the Sunshine Coast has gone on a lot longer than normal, and while that is great for those who love to have fun in the sun, it’s not so good for those who don’t care for creepy crawlies. It has been a hard season for the good men and women working in the pest control industry, and the expectation is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. As well as the usual termite control Sunshine Coast issues to take care of, there is also the matter of spiders, ants and other insects that needs to be attended to.

termite-nestIt is actually ants that are proving to be the most problematic, but there is the belief that midges and brown hedge grasshoppers may also end up being a big problem. This problem arose after the rains came to break the drought that was hitting the area. The rainfall was a welcome relief, but it also led to pretty steady growth of the vegetation, which means plenty of places for the critters to feed and lay eggs. Many of the insects are basically trying to squeeze in another lifecycle before the cooler weather hits. That cold snap is not something that will have an effect on the brown hedge grasshopper, though, as those sturdy little fellas can live through the colder weather.

There are a lot of ways for these insects to get into the home, as all they really need is the slightest little crack in order to gain access. People are waking up to find their homes infested with ants, as the bugs get into cupboards, coffee makers, and other places that they deem to be comfortable spots to hang out in. The grasshoppers and flying pests are more problematic outdoors, and they can certainly get in the way of having fun in the sun. Residents of the Sunshine Coast are now routinely spraying and slapping in order to keep the insects at bay.

termites-deckThe interior of the home is where things get really bad, though, especially if termites can gain access. The way the weather has gone in recent weeks means that the environment is perfect for bugs of all shapes and sizes, and the pest control companies are now bracing for another wave of calls from residents seeking help with their bug issues.

Since termites are getting ready to become really active, now would be a good time to start thinking about termite control Sunshine Coast. Your goal should be to create a barrier to keep the termites out before they start to take a hold. Waiting until the last minute is not a good idea, especially with the professionals so inundated with work right now. If you know your property is due for another termite inspection, make an appointment now so that you don’t get lost in the crowd.

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