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Get rid of termitesLiving in the Sunshine Coast means having to deal with all manner of pests and insects, whose sole purpose seems to be to get into your home to do damage. Termites, or white ants, are among the most destructive of all the pests you will have to tackle in your Buderim home. You could quite possibly have an infestation of these little guys attacking the wood in your property, and you would never know it until there is a major break or some other type of structural damage. It goes without saying that without some level of pest control, you could be looking at very expensive repair costs.

It is best that you get a professional termite control company out to your Caloundra property, as they will be able to deliver a knock-out punch that works over the long haul. The fact of the matter is that the pros can quickly asses you home for damage, and they will know exactly what to look for when it comes to white ants and other destructive pests. It is for this reason that people in Maroochydore and other parts of the Sunshine Coast have termite inspections performed before moving into a new property. Most of us simply don’t know what to look for when it comes to termites, so having the pros do it is a must.

Again, we cannot stress enough that you have a professional pest control company look at your home, but if you want to do a little DIY termite test, you can set little bait traps around the home. Cardboard and Tasmanian oak are materials that are like a gourmet meal for termites, and they will be very much drawn to those types of baits. These little traps should be placed in areas that the termites can easily reach. The pests will send out scouts to search for food, and once they find your traps, the colony will head out and set about eating what you have left out. Since the termites tunnel to avoid heat and sunlight, your bait traps will show signs of mud of they have been accessed by the pests. This will be a sign of infestation, which means you need to call your Mooloolaba pest control company ASAP.

There are chemicals that you can buy to do the job yourself, but these tend to be less effective than what the pros use. You don’t just want to have the white ants killed on contact, you want to use termiticides that are ingested by the pests and taken back to the nest, where the poison is then spread throughout the whole colony. This is the surest way to wipe out an infestation in as little time as possible. If you have noticed signs that termites might be active, or just haven’t had your property inspected for a while, you need to get it taken care of immediately. Your home is a major investment, and you should be doing all you can to protect that.