Termite pest control Bells Creek Aroona Palmview

Termites AroonaThere is absolutely nothing cute and cuddly about termites, as left untouched, these nasty little pests can take any property and make it unlivable due to the damage they cause. This termite damage happened at properties we now have termite control in Bells Creek, Aroona and Palmview Sunshine Coast. The ironic thing here is that one of the ways that termite control can be enforced is by using a creature that is the personification of cute and cuddly: the family dog. Yes, some dogs have a nose for termites, and they are often used by the professionals to help them find out exactly where those little guys are choosing to make their home.

Termites Bells CreekOne such dog that is making a living as a termite sniffer is Ben, a cocker spaniel that works for a termite company in Deniliquin, NSW. This loveable little hound had to undergo some serious training before taking his super sensitive nose to the country, where he now spends his days sniffing out termites that have slipped onto the property of unsuspecting home owners. While it may be an unorthodox way of finding termites, it’s one that is used more often than you might think, although finding one working in the country like Ben does is something that is quite unique. Man vs Pest uses state of the art termite and pest detection technology.

Ben’s current owner considered using a termite sniffing dog for quite some time before finally pulling the trigger, but believes that it has been the right decision, as it certainly sets his business apart from others in the area. As mentioned earlier, Ben had to travel to Sydney to be trained the tricks of the trade before starting work, and there was also one more thing to take care of. Before going to work, this cute cocker spaniel went by the name Boof, which was not considered to be professional enough, hence the switch to Ben.

You are probably all wondering how a termite sniffing dog works, especially when it comes time to let the owner know that termites have been found. It’s straightforward, and involves Ben sniffing around the property until he hits pay dirt. Once Ben stumbles across the termites, he becomes very excitable, with a wagging tail and an intense stare at the spot in question a sure sign that he has found a collection of the nasty little critters. From that point on, the human professionals take over and ensure that the affected area is dealt with properly.

When Ben isn’t working, he lives life just like any other dog, which means playing with his favorite tennis ball or taking a relaxing dip in the pool. While a dog is a great addition to any team involved in termite control, it’s not one that is totally essential. If you believe that you might have termite issues, or simply know that it’s time for an inspection, you will want to be sure to hire a professional pest management team that brings years of experience to the table, even if that means they don’t bring their 4-legged friend with them.

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