Termite protection Battery Hill, Kings Beach

Coast houseIn places like Battery Hill, Kings Beach, Caloundra and other parts of the Sunshine Coast, pests are a common part of everyday life. Some of these pests are nothing more than a nuisance, but there are also a few that can be destructive if left unchecked. Perhaps the biggest culprits, as well as the smallest in size, are termites, which have been known to eat their way through a home to the point where the residence becomes unsafe to habitate. Termite protection is an absolute must, but what method should you use?

It wasn’t so very long ago that termite protection meant having a chemical barrier placed around your home. While this barrier method was effective at keeping the little pests out, it didn’t do much good if an interior inspection was not part of the treatment process. The issue nowadays is that these types of cheap, quickly prepared barriers can no longer be put in place, due in large part to the fact that organochlorines are now officially banned. The chemical barrier method is still incredibly effective, but it needs to be done properly for it to work as intended.

Many Sunshine Coast residents now skip termite treatments altogether, simply because the new process is a bit more convoluted than the old one. It takes the pest professionals more time now to create an effective chemical barrier, and it may also mean that paths, driveways, and other areas of your property need to be disrupted to ensure that the barrier is put in place correctly. It may feel like a bit of an imposition if you are a homeowner, but the reality is that failing to have a termite treatment performed means leaving your property at risk from these voracious little eaters.

If the idea of a full chemical barrier treatment is one that does not appeal to you, it’s important that you are aware of the other solutions that a professional pest management team can perform. The most common of these options is a partial treatment in combination with a termite baiting system, with the latter placed in areas of your property that are deemed to be most at risk. Termites do not require a lot of space to gain access to your home, and can, in fact, get in and start nesting through the smallest of cracks.

There is no way to know which termite treatment will work best for your property until the pros have performed an inspection. Submitting your property to a termite inspection is the best way to start, as the pest management can quickly ascertain whether you already have a termite issue. If you are given the all clear, they can then discuss with you the best way to protect your property from a termite invasion. When you consider the costs associated with repairing the damage caused by these little critters, an inspection and termite treatment seems like a small investment indeed.

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