Termite treatments inspections Caloundra, Aura, Pelican Waters

Pests in Caloundra houseAs summer in Australia draws to a close and the autumn leaves start to fall, the number of calls to pest control companies starts to diminish a little. The summer months are when the residents of Caloundra, Golden Beach, Aura, Pelican Waters, and other areas in Queensland start to think about the pests that are going to be a major problem if they don’t nip the issue in the bud. Last summer proved to be particularly problematic for people in this part of the world, and if you haven’t had your termite treatments and inspections done recently, now may be the time to get it done.

Termite calls were on the rise for pest control companies in 2016, but it wasn’t just those little wood-crunching critters that were causing an issue. All told, the number of pest control calls in QLD rose by around 112% over the previous year, with the likes of cockroaches, bed bugs, snakes, and more deciding that it was time to come out and party in the homes of residents all up and down the Sunshine Coast. Some areas were hit harder than others, with specific pests seeming to land more heavily in some places.

Caloundra termitesBrisbane City seemed to be the hub for bed bug activity last summer, while cockroaches hit Ipswich and Forest lake quite hard. Of all the areas, though, it may well have been Buderim that took it on the chin the hardest, with the resident there forced to deal with a surge in ant, snake, and termite activity. While things may be cooling off now, in more ways than one, there is nothing to suggest that the same problems won’t happen again next year, especially if you ignore the problem and hope that the change of seasons will take care of it naturally.

These pests may be small, but the damage that they can deliver can be considerable, especially when we are talking about termites. These little guys are essentially invisible to the naked eye, and they can be going to work on the structural integrity of your home without you even being aware of it. There have been instances where termite damage has been so bad that homes have essentially been declared unsafe to live in. While these instances are rare, there is still the possibility that they can occur if you do not keep up with your termite inspections.

Proliferation can occur quickly with pests, and even when you believe they are gone, they may simply be biding their time until their next active period comes around, which tends to be in the spring and summer months. Now is the perfect time to call in the pest control professions, as they can inspect and treat potential problem areas so that you can have peace of mind that there will be little to no activity in your home when pests decide it’s time to party again.

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