Termites in Queensland

Queensland livingThis week has brought Queensland extremely hot weather which has also caused a lot of humidity. This has attracted a lot of termites to make their new homes there, so beware…your home could be next!

Queensland has ensured many months of dry weather leading to an eventual downpour lasting days which have made it an ideal living area for termites, who as we know feed off wood. Those specialising in pest control are expecting an influx of millions more.

By dusk locals are seeing around 200,000 departing from their current colony’s to find new nests to procreate making the problem worse. At the moment the weather has created perfect living and breeding conditions, when the rain falls the problem is likely to get worse as it helps them to spread faster.

Queensland is already home to seven separate species that can cause extensive damage to properties in the area. The most destructive of the species is the coptotermes acinaciformis, already guilty of causing around 70% of Queensland’s worst damage.  Many of them live in gum trees located close to properties which over time they migrate from to form new nests underneath the foundations of buildings making their way into the living area behind the walls where bad weatherproofing or leaks from dodgy plumbing make the conditions ideal.

No pests hereIn just five years there have already been 650,000 attacks on homes in the nation with each attack costing building owners $10,000 approximately in repairs.  Although there have been many improvements to the way buildings are constructed and barriers put in place to keep the mites out the new threat is putting everyone into major panic!

The species of termite that is most aggressive is the Mastrotermes darwiniensis which usually reside in the Sunshine State. The usual breeds are around a third of the size so you can imagine how fast they can cause damage. They are so aggressive they can even work their way through rubber and bitumen.  Once being native to the northern parts of Queensland and Australia they are now branching out being seen so far out that they have been found on the Gold Coast!

They are so ferocious causing extreme damage everywhere they go and are not easy to get rid of once they are there. Barriers originally constructed to keep them at bay are no longer sufficient which is going to lead to a lot of problems.  The scary thing is that most people don’t even know they have been inundated with termites until cleaning and either pushing their vacuum right through a tough skirting board or finding extreme weakness when decorating.

Houseowners are being advised not to try to tackle the problem themselves by disturbing the nests as this will cause them to move to another location in the home which could be harder to locate. To try to keep termites from their homes people have in the past kept wood at the bottom of their backyards to deter them from getting in. This is not advised due to the fact that as the termites breed they will eventually move onto the home and cause damage there.

After preventative treatment are put in place it is still advisable to have the property inspected for signs of damage yearly. When looking for a pest control company, look for one that is reputable rather than the one that gives the lowest costs to ensure you home is protected.

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