Termites or Flying Ants Caloundra Golden Beach

TermiteIf you live in Caloundra, Golden Beach, or one of the many other cities and towns on the Sunshine Coast, chances are you are going to at some point be forced to deal with pests. The good news is that there are pest professionals out there waiting to help, and while they can quickly recognise a problem when they perform a termite inspection, you can speed up the process of taking care of the issue if you know what type of insect is invading your property. Termites and flying ants are among the most common pests, but how do you know which one of the two is the insect bothering you?

Neither of these pests is one that you would want to have in your home, but both can be treated by the pros quite quickly. It’s never a good idea to simply ignore the problem, as both of these pests can deliver some real damage when left to their own devices. The question now is how to tell them apart so that you can report the problem to your local pest company. The bad news for those of you who are a little skittish around bugs is that you really need to see them up close to be able to tell them apart, as both live in colonies that seem quite similar, and both have segmented bodies.

One of the first signs that shows you are looking at a flying ant is their antennae. They have what is known as an elbowed antennae, which means that there is a clearly visible bend. Termites, on the other hand, have straight antennae, a thick waist, and two sets of wings, both of which are the same length. Once you have identified the pests in your house, you can then set about the task of getting rid of them.

If it’s flying ants that you see in your home, the fix may be quite simple. If you are only seeing a few of these pests around the home, they may be nothing more than a couple of ants that have been separated from the colony. All you need to do with these guys is vacuum them up and dump the debris in the outside trash. If you are seeing the ants in larger numbers, then you are going to need to track down their nest, which may be located near open food source such as the trash or pet food.

With termites, you need to be on the lookout for the winged variety known as swarmers. These little guys are not lost like the ants are, and they are more than likely looking to set up an entirely new colony in your home. This is where things can get really problematic, and your best solution here is to call a professional termite company so that they can come out and quickly take care of the problem. If you are in any sort of doubt about the type of pest that is causing problems in your home, or you are unsure of how to tackle them, your best bet is always to call in the pros.

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