Termite Monitoring & Baiting

Get rid of termites

Baiting offers you an environmentally responsible alternative to termite management.

The termite baiting system includes:-

  • A complete inspection of the buildings and surrounding external areas
  • The supply and installation of in-ground Monitoring Stations to the external areas of the property (3 metre intervals is usually recommended)
  • If required, the supply and installation of an appropriate number of Termite Bating System Above-ground Bait Stations within your property
  • Regular monitoring of all Stations
  • Installation of termite bait as required
  • Site reports for each visit

Your pest management professional will advise you on the most appropriate method of protection for your property when carrying out your annual termite inspection which is strongly recommended.



We received this very positive feedback from one of our satisfied customers.

“We feel very relieved now our house is protected with Exterra Termite Stations. After finding out the house next door had been invaded by termites and knowing we had put our termite protection in the too hard basket after being advised to have a barrier, which would have meant lifting a lot of pavers & drilling thorough our tiled entertainment area. Then hoping it would be a continuous barrier once they had pumped the chemicals in, it all seemed too hard. We hoped there would be a better system and after talking to Col from Man vs Pests we were so pleased with the Exterra Station system. We have used Man vs Pests for all of our pest control needs over the last 15 years and knew Col had completed his termite license qualification so we had no hesitation in turning to Col for the most up to date advice in protection from Termites. So now every 6 weeks Col is around checking the stations and we have not had to stress about termites since April. With an investment such as a house, who wants an expensive repair bill after having termites in your house like our neighbours? If you, like us, have put termite protection in the too hard basket, I recommend talking to Col & Vicki, they will give you the right advice to suit your termite protection needs.”
Donna, Pelican Waters


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