Termite Treatments

Destroy the termites’ home before they get to eat yours…….

Traditional termite treatments and prevention involve a perimeter barrier spray.  That’s like putting a chemical moat around your home.  This was reasonably cheap and successful prior to 1996 with the use of organochlorines that are now banned.  Modern perimeter barrier sprays (now called treated zones) use a wide range of products that work well for a number of years if they are applied correctly.

Correct application usually involves some major disruption to the paths, patios, driveways and pavers that adjoin your walls.  This kind of treatment is often necessary when termites have already entered your home.

Another more economical solution may be a partial treatment combined with a termite baiting system.  The system relies on establishing termite feeding points within the property and its surrounding grounds.  Baiting offers you an environmentally responsible alternative to termite management.

There are some homes that are much better protected by one method over the other.  Then there are some other very high risk homes that may be best protected by utilizing a combination of methods.

Your pest management professional will advise you on the most appropriate method of protection for your property when carrying out your annual termite inspection which is strongly recommended.

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